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Remember the Good Ol' Days

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Remember the Good Ol' Days

Postby MadahmG » Sat Feb 11

Ahh yes. The good days of MOW.

When we would have maintenance and get a gift for the inconvenience.

When experience balls granted more than 150K for a merchant.

When the arena actually worked and your hero does not have to sit waiting for someone to play for 45 minutes.

When the arena had a place to sale and purchase equipment.

When the game used to be played on Kongregate and the system was better designed and offered more player incentives.

When they offered Triple XP Weekends and the list goes on.

I have been playing this game for years and reading through the post and seeing that folks are paying money into this game...there should be better incentives for all players.

Come on Admins. Stop being stingy and greedy and give the players what they need and want.

My rant is over. Have a good day!
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Re: Remember the Good Ol' Days

Postby Admin003 » Sun Feb 12

Dear player,

Thanks for your post!

We will hand your opinion to our development team carefully.
They will try their best to improve the game for players!

Thanks for your support~~
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Re: Remember the Good Ol' Days

Postby thissux » Thu Mar 16

Dear Admin

How are posts turned over to your dev team? Are they printed out so they can wipe with them? It's just too obvious that nobody cares.
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Re: Remember the Good Ol' Days

Postby mowdealer » Thu Mar 16

Yea i remmebr the good day when gm give to us gears from lair . but now problem is we cant login to game they appear server cant login so same thinks is in rusian servers also . Maybe is a general problem who know . i hope will be resolved soon .
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