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what are you waiting for

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what are you waiting for

Postby Taranroman » Fri May 05

hey snail you have firearms II on russian servers why dont you merge us with them and give us patches they have. They have war same time zone as we have. They are 2 patches behind US servers but still there will be a big step ahead for us. Merge us with them and we will be content. Or move all our accounts there as you did when you moved here our accounts from gpotato.

How much u need to be asked to do this?

There are players on these EU servers.

Shall I write to north coreea leader to test some nuclear weapon on you to wake you up?

Why u like people to beg you to do something?

maybe you need people to topup but how the fck topup if u give us no good things in shop.

I tell you what to do:

Stop lairs drops, bring patch, give us items in shop and make events for us. This way people will start topup. And you will earn something.
Its like a circle but YOU HAVE TO START MOVING THAT CIRCLE. You give it an impulse then we will do the rest.
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Re: what are you waiting for

Postby mowdealer » Mon May 08

Love oh lOve , love i fought for you lo ve ogh love i gan a tell you ..... oh yea great song . a Ps make maintenace first p
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