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old version MoW

Posted: Wed Aug 09
by Taranroman
hi are you going to give us a little merge or update?
Or you want keep EU servers as an old version of MoW?
Many people from US servers dont like current version (with ranged heroes medusas etc.)
If you want keep EU servers as an old version then retreat 120 pow/const/comm/intel gears and lvl 100 command gears and give us instead lvl 100 pow/const/comm/intel gears and lvl 70 command gears. Also retreat lvl 6 troops and let lvl 5 be best troops.
Please give us older version of MoW. It is better to see you do something than taking no action on EU servers.
And make merge among all EU servers(FR, EN, POL AND GER) and why not merge us with russian servers.

Re: old version MoW

Posted: Fri Dec 22
by jairo3
Nice suggestion