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Server 65???

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Server 65???

Postby SIN002 » Tue Feb 06

when is server 65 going to be released?
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Re: Server 65???

Postby kaizem » Sat Feb 24

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Re: Server 65???

Postby Alucard » Sat Feb 24

I'd like to say it would be before the end of this month, but from the way things have been going with the constant release of new events instead of server announcements, it isn't very clear as to when server 65 will be released. From past experience servers generally release every 4 months or so. I'd advise checking next week and you may see it announced then.
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Re: Server 65???

Postby camike » Mon Nov 19

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Re: Server 65???

Postby phamyen » Wed Feb 13

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