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Deleted my Novice Gift

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Deleted my Novice Gift

Postby Gallean » Thu Jan 27

As in topic, I deleted the mail with Novice Gift. There wasn't any warning about deleting it. Is it possible to get it back ?
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Re: Deleted my Novice Gift

Postby qwerty109 » Sat Jul 30

No, it isn't possible. :cry:
You're not the only one to do so though...
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Re: Deleted my Novice Gift

Postby tot3ntanZz » Sat Nov 07

Guys, which birthday gift should I give to my brother?
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Re: Deleted my Novice Gift

Postby UNSAINTED » Sun Nov 08

You need to approach the gift for your father as responsibly as possible if you want him to like him. Personally, I recently gave my father a watch and he was very pleased! Fortunately, I am engaged in sell watches for cash, so you can try this out
Here you can buy and sell your watches and thus find a gift for your father.
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Internet cafe games online

Postby catrina007 » Sun Nov 08

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