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account lost or unrecoverable?

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account lost or unrecoverable?

Postby selimpasa » Fri Mar 23

i sent emails to all the contact emails i could find and yet still no response.
on server #51 i have a very long term account with player name Monad and city Brasov.
now i try to log-in and it takes me to nation choosing screen.
i thought ok maybe was a shipe on the database. i choose player name Monad, and it says is used...
i don't know what you would need from me to be sure is my account or what happened but please help.
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Re: account lost or unrecoverable?

Postby Ducknut » Fri Mar 23

pathetic goose
kvak kvak kvak
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Re: account lost or unrecoverable?

Postby Alucard » Thu Apr 05

Hi, in case you haven't tried this method, trying sending an email to customerservice@playsnail.com with your account, character name and server and details.

Hopefully you receive a quick resolution.
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Re: account lost or unrecoverable?

Postby calister » Fri Apr 13

i email them april 9th and still no response. maybe don't have anyone reading emails and responding?
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Re: account lost or unrecoverable?

Postby xLahx » Wed Apr 18

Hello Have you Tried to look in news topics for any info on or about the issue you have?
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