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Bugs? Eeeewwwwwwww.....! Let us know when you find one.


Postby Sentinel » Sun Dec 20

To be honest, this is one of the best game I ever played, and it is going downhill. Players are quitting, well at least server 13 got lively again with 13-44 merge, but please fix the bugs and the alts actually outnumbered real players 10x. Plus, how the fudge will you be encouraged in topping up when people can just use alts to get their gears and some glitches. Fix it!!
Trainee of War
Trainee of War
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Postby LogicPro » Sun Dec 20

Dear player,

Thanks for contacting us. Please provide us more information to describe your concern. You may wish to add some screen shoots or better video records and sent them to support@snailgamesusa.com to specify. We'd love to help you check. Besides we are investigating the alts recently and will banned those have confirmed.

Best regards
Snail Games USA
Snail Games USA
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Postby Hilario Mallet » Mon Mar 30

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Hilario Mallet
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Trainee of War
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