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load bug

Postby neosubime » Tue Nov 25

I have possably found a rather anoying bug some of my heros that carry say 20 t1 troops can only load maybe 200 food max but other heros carrying say 10 t1 troops can load 5k or there abouts to me this doesnt look right only notised after update yesterday thanks for your time
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Re: load bug

Postby Alucard » Wed Nov 26

This isn't a bug, it's been a part of MoW for years.
Depending on the level of the hero will depend on the number of troops you need to carry more food. For example, a level 1 hero (or spammer) can hold 20 T1 troops which would give it the maximum food usage (10000) whereas if you were to put 20 T1 troops on a higher leveled hero such as a level 100 - then it would only give you 100 food to reach your destination. Definitely not a bug as far as I'm aware
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Re: load bug

Postby Seraphic » Wed Nov 26

Thank you Alucard.
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