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TM Server become like OBLIVION

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TM Server become like OBLIVION

Postby mowdealer » Thu Jun 30

Ehy guys who remmebr that movie with Tom Cruise Oblivion -the age of tomorow same thinks happen to TM_EN server or exactly to little brother of MOW ))). A and is something else also i make rekcruit for gold or orange but value dont change he remain like i had before 3 weal ago 1325 gold and 816 , so i cant recruit orange eroe so what we can do ????

Mow GM weakup people give us something new to TM_EN server . give us hope )))
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Re: TM Server become like OBLIVION

Postby jup213 » Thu Jun 30

TM GMs dont exist anymore, cant u see ?:))
and about hope mate, they wont do that, they like to play with us:)
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Re: TM Server become like OBLIVION

Postby jackseason » Fri Dec 02


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Re: TM Server become like OBLIVION

Postby Admin003 » Sun Dec 25


Thanks for your post!

Please send an email to our email box:customerservice@playsnail.com.Our technicians will check your problems carefully and they will do their best to help you to solve problems.

Have a nice day!
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