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lair's big problem

Posted: Sat Jul 01
by IreneAdlers
I cannot marching to a lair, not a single one. it is said that "march failed. this function is temporarily not available." please fix it. i need to do mission and things. thank you.

Re: lair's big problem

Posted: Mon Jul 03
you can do lairs in more comfortable way:-
1- go to "Battle" menu down the screen.
2- in "Battle" menu you will find "challenge" menu ( the Last option ) . open it and you will find "lairs" inside

open it and create room and start lairing

Re: lair's big problem

Posted: Thu Dec 21
by lumberjack4
Go to "Battle" menu
Find "challenge" menu ( the Last option ) . Open and find "lairs".
Open it & create room