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2 bugs

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2 bugs

Postby kirynkaristar » Tue Apr 03

there is a problem with the transactions i click top up and it has mow checked, i click my pay pal selection and goto pay with paypal it completes and suddenly no points an check my paypal account it says heroes of gaia..... what is up with this?

2. gift coupons and points are being stolen by the speedup system..... its taking points and coupons but not giving the proper speed up..
example i went to the new server and made a new city. i got to the speed up warehouse part and clicked the button to speed up. it took the 5 coupons nut didnt give me the speed up which stuck my advancemnt out of tutorial. the gm017 refused to even help me out.

there ya go its becoming a more wide spread issue.
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