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i lost all my troops in ladder

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i lost all my troops in ladder

Postby LordRA » Mon May 14

hi sir,
i have some problem at my ladder system.
each time i crossed lvl 5-3 at lvl 5-4 server screen appear black and all my troops dead.
this happen twice.
today i lost 712 t3 , 1600 t2 and 200 t1 archers.
yesterday i lost few troops i think nearly 100 t4, 200 t3 and 500 t2 due to same problem.
plz do some thing, i need to complete my ladder ,i missed my ores and surprise gift at the end of 510 lvl. :( :( .
i hope u understand my problem.
waiting for reply sir.

server 33--warlord
player name-- LordRA
guild name-- Vampires
Guild Position-- Warlord
Email:- thieves@gmail.com
glory rank 9.
glory 20k
Noob of War
Noob of War
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Joined: Mon May 14

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