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Building array 1 stuck on 00:00:00

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Building array 1 stuck on 00:00:00

Postby Sheepmaster2 » Tue Jul 31

Hey all. I joined the game a few days ago and today I noticed that when I tried to upgrade my barracks, it seemed to get stuck at 00:00:00;


When I click to accelerate it, the box appears for a second then disappears. If I try and use coupons on it, it says it fails to use the item as the building does not exist. It means I can only upgrade one building at a time (I think). It's been there all day and it's confusing me :(

Edit: It does appear I can build two buildings at one time like I should, but now it shows building array 2 and 4 both at 00:00:00 and there's no way of showing what's building and when it's done?

And trying to accelerate these 00:00:00 buildings is not possible, and they are all called Barracks despite me just upgrading a Civilian House.
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