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close the game

Postby Taranroman » Sun Nov 12


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Re: close the game

Postby cordialmain » Mon Jun 04

Are you joking?
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Re: close the game

Postby Alucard » Thu Jun 07

No, sadly he is not joking. Ministry of War (and Terra Militaris) have both been stagnating for a long period of time.

Unfortunately it appears that there is no indication of Snail continuing development of this game. I mean look around, no new servers, constant server events on servers that people likely no longer play anymore and not to mention removing their support team from the help chat function in game.

It appears that this game is going downhill even faster than it had been in the past, which for a lot of people sucks.

I really hope it picks up traction again in the near future or another company buys the rights to this game and allows it to grow once more, because I among many other players - would be sad to see this game go.
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Re: close the game

Postby camike » Tue Oct 09

Thank for your writting! It is very easy to understand and detailed. I hope you continue to have good posts like this to share.
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