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Welcome to MinistryofWar! You are now playing the world’s most advanced browser game. Items introduction will helps you to know the usage of some items. Also some new items will be updated in here.

Platinum Key

It can be used to open a “Platinum Treasure Box”.

Jade Hare Ornament

It is used as a key to open a Moonlight Treasure Box.You will have a chance to get all kinds of resources, equipments and skill books from the box.

Large Experience Capsule

When equipped to a Hero, it will automatically store Exp gained from battling NPCs and The Ladder of Arcadia to transfer to another Hero. Can hold a maximum of 4,000,000 Exp, and can be used up to ...

Advanced Exp Book

Increases all Hero Experience gains by 100% for 6hours.

Hero Turnstile Order Pack

Use it to receive 20 Recruitment Orders, which immediately refresh your City's entire Tavern.

Titan HP Medicine

Instantly recover 3000 HP. Does not share a cooldown with normal Health items.