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Hero Types


Basic Attributes

There are 4 attributes of character: Power, Command, Physique and Intelligence, each will influence the attack, defense, max troops and skill damage.

Power: Improve Hero’s attack power and speed.
Command: Improve upper limit of Hero’s troops.
Physique: Improve Hero’s defense and physical values.
Increase Hero’s MP and ability of handling internal affairs.


Hero Recruit

The leadership of Hero is very important. Talented Hero can decrease the casualties effectively and make troops more powerful. How to recruit a Hero? Player should pay attention to it.

First, you need to recruit it in Tavern.(You can build a Tavern in the inner city.)

You can check the inside Heroes in the Tavern. Each Hero attributes are different, players can select Hero according to his favour. There are 4 basic attributes of Hero: Power, Command, Physique and Intelligence. The better quality of Hero, the more attribute points can be distributed will be when upgrading. (You can acquire a better Hero in higher level Tavern)
Quality: Purple >Blue >Green>White


Hero quality and available attribute points after upgrading
Purple Hero: 10
Blue Hero: 8
Green Hero: 6
White Hero: 5
Lord’s Hero: 7


Tavern will refresh every hour. With the development of player’s Glory and Age, player can recruit more Heroes in it. (At most 10 Heroes)


Hero Upgrading

Hero can gain Exps from wild monsters, Lairs, Arena battle, The Arcadian Ladder and Mars Temple to upgrade.

When Hero upgrades, player can check the attributes and improve the appropriate attributes. Click + button to add.

All the attributes will be distributed by lord’s hero after upgrading.

Hero Gears Types

There are 4 kinds of heroes' gears in the game, like the attributes  of hero, 

Categroy by gear quality: Orange>Purple>Blue>Green>White. to collect a suit of gears, will show a different apperiance when the hero outside the city!