Terra Militaris Transfer
2014/11/14    Tag:transfer players


Hello to all players of Terra Militaris (Webzen's Ministry of War) !

In the coming days, Snail Games USA will be preparing to accomodate all players of Terra Militaris who are seeking transfer to our servers.

In the meantime we ask that you read over this post and pay a visit to our forum posts listed below.





Preparing for transfer

- Create account on MinistryofWar.com

- Connect your MoW & Webzen account(Coming Soon)

- Continue to progress Webzen account

- Spend all Webzen currency(Non-Transferable)

- High chance there will be a 2 - 7 Day preperation period between end of Webzen and Launch of new servers


New & Upcoming

- New EU servers for added languages

- New EU Forum threads for added languages

- Community Events & Rewards




Want to help out the MoW Community?

We are currently seeking players that are willing to help out our Community Manager with assisting players on our new EU addition to the forums.

If interested please PM Seraphic with your current Webzen Forum handle letting him know that you're interested.





Announcement Thread:


Questions Thread:


Seraphics Forum Profile: