[Announcement] Maya Mystery Update
2015/09/05    Tag:Update





1. Refinement Related


  • Added attribute rating
  • Added tips about attribute
  • Text optimization


2. Sign-in Function


  • Sign-in rewards have been optimized



3. Pet skill optimization


New skill one: Great Charm


  • Great Charm: Renders a single target immobile for one second. Cooldown: 45 seconds. MP cost: 500. Duration increases with pet wisdom. Pet wisdom required: 1,000.
  • Pet wisdom required: 1,000. Lasts at least one second.
  • MP cost: 500. Cooldown: 45 seconds.


New skill 2: Mana Recovery


  • Mana Recovery: Recovers HP for a single friend hero or pet. Healing increases with pet wisdom. MP cost: 500. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Pet wisdom required: 1,000.
  • Pet wisdom required: 1,000.
  • MP cost: 500. Cooldown: 60 seconds.


New skill 3: Healing Light


  • Healing Light: Recovers HP for a single friend hero. Healing increases with pet wisdom. MP cost: 500. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Pet wisdom required: 1,000.
  • Pet wisdom required: 1,000.
  • MP cost: 500. Cooldown: 60 seconds.


Skill adjustment 1: Battling Heart


  • Battling Heart: Pet's getting attacked gives you a 5% chance to increase 100 army's morale. Morale tops out at 120. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • Pet wisdom required: 400.


Skill adjustment 2: Ultrastrong Increase Damage


  • UltraStrong Increase Damage: Pet's getting attacked gives you a 5% chance to increase damage dealt to enemy by 10%. Lasts 50 seconds. Cooldown: 50 seconds.
  • Pet wisdom required: 400.



4. Reminder of repairing equipment


  • Condition: Hero is wearing a piece of equipment whose durability is no more than 20%.
  • Interface: An icon is displayed besides the hero avatar and it will disappear once player has repaired or removed the equipment.


5. Interface optimization


  • All icons are categorized into Event, Challenge (PvE), and Sports (PvP).


6. New items for refinement


  • New items: Thousand-Year Blacksteel, Ten-Thousand-Year Icy Iron: Using these items for refinement can significantly improve the attribute quality. Thousand-Year Blacksteel is a Purple or Orange attribute. Ten-Thousand-Year Icy Iron is definitely an Orange attribute.


7. Lair adjustment


  • The Lair on the World Map has been removed. Player can enter a Lair from the event list in the city.




New Functions



1. Class Changing





  • Increases seven attack range
  • Feature 1: Multi-attack
  • A multi-attack is triggered, dealing splash damage to three more targets.
  • Feature 2: Blood Territory
  • Recovers hero's HP in battle. (The higher the hero's level is, the more HP will be recovered)




  • Increases the maximum amount of soldiers you can deploy
  • Feature: Formation
  • Player chooses formation in The Brave interface.
  • Otherwise a default one will be used.
  • The current formation will be set as Last Pick the next time you enter the battle.
  • Formation is specifically designed for a hero's troops.






Attack formation


Increases troop's attack (The higher the hero's level is, the more increase there will be)

Defense formation


Increases troop's defense (The higher the hero's level is, the more increase there will be)



2. Beast Arena


  • Each player can only create or enter one team.
  • Up to five players can fight against the Lair Boss.
  • Only the host can choose level, start battle, or kick players. The team does not disband if the host leaves.
  • Everyday at 6 a.m. all rooms that are not in battle will disband.


Battle rules


  • Up to five players can fight against the Lair Boss.
  • Each battle lasts 20 minutes.
  • Boss's birth place is on the top left of the Map; Player's birth place is on the bottom right.
  • Player wins when the Boss is killed. The boss wins when all player's troops are destroyed. Otherwise, it's a tie.
  • Players will not lose soldiers in the battle.


3. New Pet


  • An Orange Vitality Type Pet - Unicorn




  • Extermination: Cooldown: 60 seconds, MP cost: 300
  • Fixed Damage (To hero and pet): 3,000
  • Fixed Damage (To soldiers): Deals 10,000 damage to soldiers within five meters.


  • Roar: Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds, MP cost: 150.
  • Reduces all enemies defense within seven meters by at least 5%.


  • Iron Will: Lasts 10 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds, MP cost: 150.
  • Reduces damage taken by at least 5%.



4. War Flag Worship


Obtain Flags


  • Player needs to spend items on Flag Worship.
  • Flag Worship starts when player clicks Worship All and ends if items are insufficient.
  • By clicking Pick All, player can collect War Flags in the backpack. If there's not enough space in the backpack, items will be kept in Item Inventory.If Item Inventory is full, player needs to clear it before continuing Flag Warship.



Flag synthesis


  • Start Flag synthesis by clicking the backpack icon.
  • Select a war flag and click Sacrifice to get experience for the main flag. Sacrifice cannot proceed if player doesn't have a main flag. No more experience can be added to a top-level main flag.
  • Player can assign a main flag in the backpack. All experience will be added to the main flag. Player cannot discard, sell or use Sacrifice and Sacrifice All on the main flag.
  • All war flags have Fighting Capability. The total amount of Fighting Capability a hero has will be displayed on the top right of the avatar and counted for the hero rating.
  • War flag cannot be refined, enhanced, quenched, sold, exchanged, recycled, decomposed or repaired.


5. Adjustment for equipment enhancement


Advanced enhancement


  • Required level for equipment enhancement has been changed from 15 to 18.
  • Advanced Enhancement: Click any equipment in the inventory and get the drop-down box. Click Advanced Enhancement and the selected equipment will be set as the main weapon by default.


Advanced Enhancement Rules


  • Advanced Enhancement Limitations: Hero Equipment Level and Enhancement Level above level 15; Equipment is free.
  • Enhancement Requirement: Materials for Level 1-15 enhancement are still the same. Materials required for Level 16 and above enhancement are:



Material (Required)

Offering (Required)

Protection (Unnecessary)

Success Rate


100 Cobalt Ores, 2Refined Gold Gems, 5Untouchables

One Level 15 Equipment with same level and same enhancement

One Black Gold (100%), one Gem of Fortune (5%)



120 Cobalt Ores, 5Refined Gold Gems, 10 Untouchables

One Level 16 Equipment with same level and same enhancement

Two Black Gold (100%), one Gem of Fortune (5%)



150 Cobalt Ores, 10Refined Gold Gems, 15 Untouchables

One Level 17 Equipment with same level and same enhancement

Three Black Gold (100%), one Gem of Fortune (5%)


  • Enhancement Effect: Level 16, 17, and 18 will improve the attribute of the equipment by 15%, 15% , and 20% respectively.


6.Pet Wisdom Spirit Stone is available. Spirit Stone level reaches 8


  • Pet Wisdom Spirit Stone can be got in Pet's Treasure Hunting. Spirit Stone level reaches 8.


7. Cross-Server Arena



Cross-server arena Introduction


  • Players fight against other players in a one-on-one match in the Cross-server Arena. The battle time is 300 seconds.
  • Players have to set participating hero before queuing. The selected hero is occupied for the Cross-server Arena from queuing to the end of the battle.
  • After setting the participated hero, players click Queue to queue for the battle.
  • After the battle, the winner will get Arena points and qualifiers wins. And the loser will lose Arena points and get qualifiers losses.
  • Players get 20 points upon each victory. If player's points meet upgrading requirement, upgrading match is triggered (Best of Five). If player completes the upgrading match successfully, his level will be upgraded (Players with max level will not upgrade). If player fails to complete the match, his current level points decreases 40.
  • Players have 20 chances to challenge. They can also buy extra chances with Point Vouchers. Each purchasing costs 125 Point Vouchers.
  • Limitations to attend the event: 1. Hero Level above 100; 2. Hero's city is free.


Indicating winner


  • If the heroes, soldiers and pets of one side are all dead within the battle duration, the side loses and the other side wins.
  • If both sides have surviving heroes, soldiers and pets after the battle ends, the side with more survivors wins. (If both sides have the same amount of survivors, the system will chose a winner randomly.)



8. Tavern


  • Added new Maya heroes.
  • Added Advanced Tavern Refresh function.
  • Added Tavern Luck system.
  • Added Open Hero Bar function.


Tavern rules


  • Amount of available heroes reaches 18.
  • Only Maya heroes will be refreshed in the Tavern. The heroes can be used in other four countries.
  • The recruited hero appears in Maya City. If the City disappears or is destroyed, the hero will be transferred to the Capital.
  • The quality of Maya Hero can be Blue to Orange.


Open Bar


  • There's only one Hero Bar initially. When refreshing, only the hero in the first bar will be refreshed.
  • There are no heroes in the other seven bars. When clicking on them, a popup window appears, saying Do you want to open the bar with Soul Stone? If you do, one Soul Stone is cost to open one bar.
  • The bar will be retained when the Outpost is cleared. When the Outpost is built again, the bar is available.


Lucky Recruit


  • Every time player uses Wit Solicit Tokens and Advanced Headhunting Token, 1.5 point of Fortune will be added to the Luck Bar.
  • This button can only be clicked when Fortune is at least 1,000. When the requirement is met, a gold Hero with bar will appear in the Tavern page.
  • When player clicks to recruit any gold hero, the Tavern page will refresh automatically.
  • The Luck will be retained when the Outpost is cleared. When the Outpost is built again, the Luck is still available.



9. Maya Trade Center and Outpost


Occupy and explore Trade Center


  • Trade Center: Before Maya Trade Center is occupied, there's no building in the area. In all of the area, the buttons are locked and players cannot do anything.
  • After Maya Trade Center is occupied, players from the occupied country can click the buttons in the Buildable Area to explore Maya.


Trade center ownership


  • Rules for Occupying Trade Center: The exploration and outpost functions belong to the occupied country. Other countries cannot do anything. The rules are as follows:

When country A occupies the Trade Center C, only players from country A can explore the outposts in Trade Center C. If players from other countries click the button, the button turns grey.

When country B defeats country A and occupies Trade Center C, the outposts of players from country A are cleared.  Players from country B can explore the outposts. Players from country A can't.


10. Conquest System


Conquest System Introduction


  • The attacker has to own Conquest Token.
  • Players can select the main city they want to attack. Click Conquest (If both sides are from the same country, the button is still Assist in Defending. And Assist in Defending function is not effective for the time being.) and select Conquest Toke. The battle starts in five minutes.
  • During the countdown, the attacker can set attacking heroes by clickingRally (At most three attacking heroes and only one can attend the battle). The defender can click their main city and click Counter to set heroes to defend (At most three heroes and only one can attend the battle).
  • The defender can use vindication item to clear the conquered state.
  • Soldiers die in this event.
  • Cannot conquer offline players.


Punishment to the defender if they lose (The effect lasts for three hours)


  • The conqueror's name is after the defender's in Public Chat (including trumpet).
  • The conqueror flags on the top of the city wall.


11. Maid System


Maid System Introduction


  • Players can select the hero first and then select the maid who fights for the hero in the Maid List of the Maid system. Click Fight and the maid is activated. After the setting, the hero can cast maid skills in battle. Maid skills will bring the player (buff for player's troops/debuff for enemy troops) effect.
  • Each hero can select four maids to fight at most.
  • Each maid has a special maid skill. Players can cast maid skills when the maid is in battle.
  • Effect of maid skills from the same faction cannot be stacked. Effect of the skill cast later will cover effect of the skill cast earlier. The effect covers your troops (heroes, pets, and soldiers) and all enemy units.
  • Maid Quality: Purple, Gold, and Orange.
  • Maid Levels: Normal, Great, Excellent, Perfect.
  • Maid level can be upgraded. The main maid can use three maids who has the same quality and level as oblation to upgrade.
  • Players can dote the maid to increase the Intimacy. Each maid can be doted once every day. When the Intimacy reaches Purple (500), Gold (1,000), and Orange (1,500), maid will upgrade to Personal Maid and her skill effect will be increased.



12. Item Recycle Function


  • Players can recycle items and equipments and exchange them for Upgrade Medals.
  • Players can select the items or equipment that they want to recycle and click Recycle. Then drag the popup bar to select the recycle amount.
  • After clicking Recycle, the items will exchange to Upgrade Medals automatically.
  • White quality items cannot be recycled. Items with green, blue, purple and orange quality are recycled according to certain ratio.




13. Pet Talent


  • Open Pet Transformation for three times
  • Each Transformation will get random talent skills, one for the first transformation, two for the second transformation and three for the third transformation.