Upgrading the Equipment System with “Transferring Reinforcement Function” Updated
2012/02/16    Tag:new function


In “Ministry of War”, when you have an excellent Hero to command your Troops, sometimes this can make the difference between success and failure. So the Heroes’ power become critical in battle progression, and most players feel the first and most important duty in the game is to focus on heroes’ growth. First, you must have a purple hero. Then, providing the hero with excellent equipment is the next step. But in the earlier stages, reinforcing equipment on a low level hero is a waste because the equipment will become useless later on, so this is why you need “Transferring Reinforcement Function”.




This function is especially suitable for those players who reinforced low level equipments. During the earlier stages, even reinforced low level equipments can make a difference in battle such as successfully passing the last level of Arcadian Ladders.  Sometimes players may be unsure whether they should reinforce a low level piece of equipment, as low level gear becomes useless for high level heroes. Now, with the transferring function, you can transfer the reinforced level to high level equipments.



Transfer Reinforcement Operate Interface



How to Transfer Reinforcement?

Click on the equipment to select “Transferring” then the Transferring Interface will open. In the “Transferring” Interface, select the equipment with the reinforcement, select the equipment that will receive the reinforcement, select the required Transferring Gems, then click to confirm and the reinforcement will be transferred. THE SUCCESS RATE OF TRANSFER REINFORCEMENT IS 100! DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!



Initial Equipment



Transfer Reinforcement will help players a lot, especially during the earlier stages without enough reinforcement items. You require heroes to help you on battlefields in Military of War anytime. Now players can train their main heroes easily no matter they are warriors or idea men.



Reinforcement Required Equipment


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